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The month of July has been a busy period for wallets, especially when it comes to some fantastic wallets being funded through crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. As I’ve mentioned in the past, the COVID era has been pretty bad for business (in general), but recently we’ve seen an influx of wallets being funded through the platform clearly showing that many countries across the world are returning to normal.

Today we have five wallets to showcase that are all currently available to back through Kickstarter. Certain big-name brands have returned (including the likes of Pioneer) with many new innovative wallets entering the fray including the VVEM Wallet that integrates the fairly new and popular Apple AirTag. Let’s now take a look at each wallet, in turn, look at their potential and see if any of them are worth your hard-earned cash. Below we also have links to previous months’ wallet round-ups, so check them out if you’re interested. 

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SLYDEX Minimalist Wallet

The SLYDEX Wallet is the first we stumble across. This minimalist style wallet has a unique look to it and is probably I’ll favorite on this list in terms of design. But the wallet itself is fairly traditional when it comes to the design of a minimalist wallet. Two plates hold your cards in between with an elasticated band wrapping around the center of the wallet to provide security and help prevent any cards from falling out.

Where does SLYDEX Wallet comes into its own is down to its unique use of Kydex material. As their name suggests, the Kydex material is a great choice for any wallet as its properties are remarkable for added durability and a long-lasting wallet. Also has a unique texture look and feel that really makes the wallet stand out from a crowd and is very pleasing to the eye.

In terms of functionality, the wallet is pretty good for a minimalist wallet coming in only 2.25 inches by 3.50 inches. In total, the Kydex wallet can store up to 8 cards and also includes a cut-out at the bottom that acts as a quick access lot for easily accessing any of your credit or debit cards at ease. The elasticated band is strong yet flexible and comes with a nice polka dot style pattern which is really unique. This also acts as the way to store your banknotes with cash being folded and tucked underneath for easy access and ample security.

Overall I’m a big fan of the SLYDEX Wallet. It’s a great little front pocket wallet that serves a purpose but also has a unique design and a great choice of material for a long-lasting highly durable carry experience. Currently, it has successfully raised around $8,000 which has already surpassed its sing goal. For more information on the SLYDEX Wallet visit their Kickstarter pays page using the link below.


Zallex 5.0 Vegan Wallet

On first inspection The Zallex 5.0 wallet can I see people as being nothing more than a standard tri-fold style leather wallet. But in actuality, the wallet actually offers are really unique and functional design with many features not commonly found in many wallets. First of all, the wallet design is very sleek and attractive, and available I use a variety of great color offerings. The wallets leather is actually vegan leather so it is also said to be more sustainable than traditional cowhide leathers. The internal material is also water repellent which is a great addition for people who wants a more durable one that can survive against the elements.

Where the wallet really shines is its innovative layout and range of features when you open the wallet you’ll see what I mean. The why has individual slots for rangers small multi-tool type items including a SIM removal tool all and SD card. I could see this being increasingly useful for people who enjoy photography and may need to keep additional SD cards with them at any one point. That being said, it is quite a niche feature and for a lot of people entirely useless.

The wallet uses a magnetic cash clip type storage that provides easy access around. What has a high capacity for credit or debit cards which are accessed through a quick access lot and Kate’s cards out hot like what you find in many popular it’s today like Secrid of Ekster. The big difference is they don’t use these large bulky metal mechanisms to achieve this and do it all seamlessly within the confines of its leather design.

Overall the Wallet is an interesting and innovative take. The wallet has a bunch of features not commonly found in nice wallets which is innovative enough to find itself on this list. Currently, the wallet has praised x in funding and is on track to raise its total funding goal of $1,500. Information on this wallet check out their Kickstarter campaign page using the link below.


Pioneer Passport Wallet

Pioneer is no stranger to Kickstarter success having founded their brand on the platform and having had many successful campaigns over the years. This time they’re back with their latest wallet offering their passport will it as so-called all-in-one travel essential that provides their most functional wallet to date.

What makes Pioneer so innovative and desired on the market is a fact that their choice of material is highly innovative and unique in a saturated market TN. They use their own high-density technical fabrics that use some of the strongest fibers in the world. This creates a wallet with a unique look and text yeah, but also one that is one of the most durable on the market. The latest offering the Pioneer passport well there is no different and utilizes this incredibly attractive yet strong material in its design. This material also includes are invited security and is water-resistant helping to protect your wallet from the elements.

In terms of functionality, the Pioneer passport will it does a great job of creating a highly intuitive and easy to access design for all your travel documents and accessories. The wallet is designed in a bi-fold style each side has various compartments for travel accessories including a dedicated slot for your passport and another 1, to the left, for your tickets. In total the wallet can store up to 10 NZ cards and includes a dedicated cash slot at the back for your banknotes. Size is designed or easy to fit on any currency from any country.

Overall, I’m a huge fan of Pioneer travel wallet and have always been a huge advocate of the Pioneer wallet range. As you’d expect from a brand of this reputation the Pioneer Passport Wallet has exceeded its funding goal having raised around $90,000 with still 17 days left to go. If you’re interested in getting more information on this Travel / Passport wallet is it there are crowdfunding page using the link below.


Hank Max 0.7 Wallet

Probably my favorite wallet in terms of its appearance the 0.7 wallet by Hank Max is a leather bifold wallet made with versatility in mind and ease of use. The name of the wallet comes from the fact it’s an incredibly slim wallet made with a stitchless or seamless design. I’ve always been a big fan of these ‘stitchless’ designs, as they have a more minimalist appearance and helps prevent wear and tear caused by frayed edges and stitching. 

The wallet itself is in a traditional bifold style design, each side is laid out well for maximum capacity with a range of storage slots and solutions for a great and easy-to-access carry experience. In total, the 0.7 Wallet can store up to 10 cards easily with a decent amount of cash (folded). One of the main selling points of the 0.7 Wallet comes down to its clever use of RDIF and contactless payments. By this, I mean, the wallet is designed to enable you to use contactless payment, and NFC Payments, through the leather of the wallet so you’ll never have to scramble around to find the credit/debit cards you need. 

Hank Max has also done a great job with the overall look, design, and quality of the 0.7 Wallet. Made from Vegetable-tanned leather from Tuscany, this full-grain leather has a thick hide and a premium feel and smell. Over time the wallet will develop a wonderful rich Leather Patina that many people love, that creates a distinctive texture with no two wallets looking the same after prolonged use. Tuscany is also known for its ethical and strict guidelines for leather products (animals can’t be killed for their leather) which adds in a nice sustainable aspect to this wallet’s development and product. 

Currently, the 0.7 Wallet has smashed its crowdfunding goal of a little over $3,000 has raised over $10,000 dollars at the time of writing. With still many weeks still left to go I have no doubt this wallet will be a big hit and continue to climb to new heights. For more information on the 0.7 Wallet check out their crowdfunding page using the link below. 


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