Kickstarter Wallet Round-up

[August 2021]

This month isn’t the craziest for wallets being funded through crowdfunding sites including Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. That being said, the few wallets currently being funded are unique in a lot of ways. I’d put the lack of choice down to two things. Firstly, the increased concern of covid-19, and the current wave many countries are going through might have a part to play in people being more conservative with their capital. Secondly, the summer months are usually a time where people are generally purchasing less as they’re spending more time with family, friends and on holiday.

Today we have just four wallets to bring you each unique in their own way. The Puncure is probably the most innovative on this list bringing a smartphone case/wallet hybrid with an emphasis on key storage. The other wallet that caught my attention was the Heimdale Wallet. This hybrid wallet is aimed at bridging the gap between more minimalist-sized wallets while providing storage, and functionality, of a larger-sized wallet. More on these two wallets later in the article. 

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Reside Passport Wallet

Although this wallet doesn’t do anything out of the norm I always enjoy including a more niche style wallet that serves a specific purpose. In the case of the Reside Wallet, it’s aimed at those looking for a wallet with versatility in storage capacity being aimed specifically at travelers who want a wallet to store such items as a passport or flight tickets. 

What really stands out to me really comes down to the quality of the Reside wallet. Being made from full-grain leather and crafted in a design that’s more traditional it really has a unique look to it and one that could be easily identifiable in a crowd of other passport/travel wallets. Its features also don’t disappoint. With a large array of card slots (with a capacity of up to 8 cards). Included is a dedicated slot for a standard-sized passport along with a central area dedicated for longer ticket-sized paper items to lie flat. It even includes a place to keep a small notebook for keeping notes when on the move. 

Currently, the wallet has secured funding of $1,000 with a total goal of $2,000. That being said, at the time of writing, the wallet still has plenty of time left to go. I recommend the Reside Passport wallet to anyone who Is a seasoned traveler and wants a smart and quality way to carry your belongings. For more information on this Kickstarter wallet check out their crowdfunding page using the link below. 


The Heimdale Wallet

The Heimdale Wallet is probably the most unique while on this list and my personal favorite. This is why has really thought about who idea of size in relation to its capacity. In general, the small of the wallet the less functionality it has in the storage of cash and cards. What the Heimdale wallet has done has developed a smaller more compact size 10 while innovated in a variety of ways to keep storage as high as possible. That’s why this wallet is said to has a hybrid wallet as it keeps a smaller size of retaining great functionality the perfect compromise between size and features. 

the features that I’m Dale wallet does include on very strong. At its basics, the wallet is designed in a pretty typical bi-fold style reminiscent of traditional wallets and still the most popular style of Wallets in the world. But as soon as you open the Waller talk you’re not with something that resembles very few bi-fold wallets on the market. On the bright side of the wallet, the wallet has now an elastic strap where you can secure your cash underneath. The left-hand side includes a highly innovative coin storage system where coins of trapped in between two pieces of leather and help down with a magnetic strap. 

Also included is a hidden card slot, quick access pull tab, RFID Security, and a layout where every feature is laid out perfectly for easy access and ease of use. Currently, the Hiemdale wallet is currently sitting pretty having raised around $15,000 of a total goal of just $3,000. For more information on this wallet check out their official crowdfunding page using the link below. 


The Smart E-Wallet

The white is one of the first smart wallets we’ve come across in quite some time on Kickstarter. Smart wallets are often described as wallets which in some shape or form integrate modern technology to perform functions that meet the needs of modern-day living. In the case of the E-Wallet, the wallet is fully integrated with a battery for wireless charing of any electronic device most likely your smartphone or headphones. 

The design of the wallet is something that is probably the most disappointing of the entire wallet. It really doesn’t do anything different in terms of design or innovation capacity providing what can only be described has a very standard bi-fold wallet. It does everything you want, I guess, including a full-width banknote slot and more than enough credit and debit cards for the majority of people. Its leather is quality being made from full-grain leather and is likely to last the test of time. The wallet itself charges in only 2.5 hours, working via a chip that prevents overheating and over-currency, cutting off the charge if the wallet becomes too hot, and ensures that the wallet stops charging when the battery has reached 100%.

At present, the E-Wallet is doing very okay on Kickstarter having currently raised around $1,500 of its goal of $15,000. This is to say there’s still a long way to go, but the E-Wallet has only just been funded on the site. I really like the idea of the E-Wallet but I’m definitely holding skepticism as information on its main charging feature is limited at the moment. For more information on the E-Wallet check out their Kickstarter page using the link below. 


Puncube MagSafe Wallet

Probably the most unique wallet on this list, the Puncube Wallet is a MagSafe compatible phone accessory that aims to combine your apple smartphone with a device that can hold a huge variety of different items. Using magnets, The Puncube MagSafe wallet sticks to the back of any of your apple smartphones which is an innovative technology that was developed in the latest generation of Apple devices – a new type of wallet that is growing in popularity. 

The exact functionality of the Puncube MagSafe wallet is really something new and unique to the wallet space. Most MagSafe Wallets only provide capacity for credit or debit cards, including cash, yet the Puncube goes above and beyond in providing a safe space for a variety of different items boasting a capacity for up to 3 keys. These are stored in a more hard case style design where the top and bottom of the cases open to reveal its contents.

At present, the wallet is probably doing one of the best on this list in terms of current capital crowdfunded. Having raised $12,000 with around 17 days left to go, The Puncube has already smashed its funding goal of just $3,000. This pretty much guarantees ts success at this point so if you’re interested in this innovation while their check out their Kickstarter campaign page using the link below.


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