Kickstarter Wallets Roundup [August 2020]

We’re back with another Kickstarter round-up for the month of August. I hope everyone is still copying well in these difficult times. The state of the market is still in a downward trajectory, but the silver lining is, many countries are doing their best to deal with the Pandemic and this is clearly having a positive impact on people’s spending habits. This month we have a bunch of really unique and cool wallets is being funded through crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. Let’s now take a quick look at what you can potentially get your hands on this month. 

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The GO Wallet

The Go Wallet, being funded through Kickstarter, taking off this month. It’s all metal and minimalist design looks fantastic while also having the added benefit of having an inbuilt tracking device for added ‘smart’ features that allow you to track the whereabouts of your wallet through an in-built app (using technology from the popular Innway Brand). The company behind the Go Wallet is trying to create an active lifestyle demand that takes the traditional wallet and brings it into the modern era with trackable, expandable, RFID-blocking capabilities and a sleek look that brings the wallet into the 21st century. 

The Go Wallet works in a similar way but really streamlines your EDC with a minimalist and attractive design. The wallet comes in at only 85 x 54 x 7.5mm, can store between 1-15 cards, and has enough room for a great range of  cash and other paper items folded. Not only this but the wallet also comes in range of unique colorings including blue, red, and gold for those who look a little unique personalization to their wallets.

Overall, the wallet looks fantastic having already raised over $30,000 the wallet is definitely one not to miss. For more information on the Go Wallet by GO-GETTER Co check on the campaign with the link below. 

The Trigger Wallet

The Trigger Wallet

Being the most funded wallet on this list so far, having already raised over $60,000, the Trigger Wallet from Skyborne is a controversial wallet to me. Although the wallet looks the part, has some nice features, and is well priced, I can’t get over the fact that it’s basically a copycat of many other wallets that exist on the market today. 

The Trigger Wallet is basically a cascading card wallet, one which you access your cards by pressing a button to instantly allow you cans to fly out in an easy to access manner. The problem I have with this is the wallet doesn’t do anything that the many other cascading card wallets already exist on the market. The wallet 

I always feel like these ‘copycat’ wallets are misleading consumers into thinking that they’re doing something unique or innovative while in actuality are just copying a tried and tested wallet design that’s already been done many times before. The likes of Ekster (also funded through Kickstarter) and Secrid (been around for over 10 years now) are basically the exact same wallet as the Trigger. That’s not to say the Trigger Wallet isn’t good, it looks great, but I feel if you want a wallet like this you’re best to go with a tried and tested brands like the previously mentioned. For more information on the Trigger Wallet check out the campaign using the link below.

The Void Wallet

The Void Wallet

The VOID Metal Wallet is another take on the many minimalist metal wallets we have on the market today. The VOID Wallet was born out of the belief that every person deserves a unique wallet and that we can also improve on what we already have on the market. With a passion for design, elegance, and function, Sarath, the creator of the wallet, is an R&D engineer for a company that produces Metal Credit Cards giving him a good knowledge of the industry, what works and what doesn’t. 

The design of the VOID is nice being made from a robust and lightweight aluminum which is very popular among other metal wallets. It also features what they call a ‘plastic bumper’ for improved comfort and easier access to cash and cards. The wallet’s functionality is also ample for a minimalist wallet with a capacity for 1-6 cards securely nicely between the two metal plates. These plates are held together with an elastic strap that provides flexibility and also doubles as the way to store your physical banknotes on the back. 

The wallet is really nice, well made, and provides some decent functionality and design features all around. That being said, the wallet doesn’t do anything crazy or different compared to the many other hundreds of metal wallets on the market today. For more information on the VOID Wallet check out their Kickstarter page using the link below.


TIN20 Foldable Dice

Finally, something a little fun to end one. If you’re a fan of dungeons and dragons then this foldable D20 Dice might take your fancy. This fun credit/debit card-sized dice can perfectly fit inside any standard sized wallet card slot, and can simply be transformed into a D20 Dice at will. There’s not much more to say than that. The idea was designed out of necessity to the situation. If you forgot your dice or need your fix of role-playing then the Dice is a handy and easy way to make sure you have one on you at all times without having to carry the cumbersome dice. 

That being said, once the Dice has been used there’s no way to put it back inside the card meaning it really feels like a one-time use item. Sure, the dice can be used as many times as possible and looks fantastic once constructed. At the time of writing the TIN20 D20 Dice has managed to raise over $15,000 in crowdfunding success. For more information on the TIN20 check out their Kickstarter campaign using the link below.


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