The Best iPhone 11 Case Wallets 2020

As smartphones become better and our need for large bulky wallets dwindle people are beginning to combine their daily carry with their smartphones with specific phone wallet cases. It’s a cool innovation and it’s the next logical step in wallet innovation. Why carry 2 items with you when you can efficiently carry them all in one neat little package. 

Personally speaking, I’ve never been a phone case type of guy. I guess that’s to my own detriment as any phone I’ve ever owned usually has a great big crack somewhere on the screen. Nevertheless, phone wallets are here to stay and there’s no bigger single manufacturer of phones than Apple. Apple is responsible for the modern-day smartphone as we know it after all. 

Over the past 6 weeks, I’ve been exclusively using iPhone case wallets to see what works, what doesn’t and the cases I recommend to you as an iPhone 11 owner. But before we get into our top phone case wallets let’s look at whether or not a phone case wallet is for you and the advantages and disadvantages of owning one in your everyday carry. 

Should I get an iPhone 11 Case Wallet?

Case wallets are great for people who really want to slim down what they carry on a daily basis. Whether you want to remove the necessity to carry a wallet all together or just want a phone case where you can carry a few of your most-used cards the options are really endless. 

The advantages & disadvantages of phone cases?

Phone cases wallets tend to bulk up your phone and certain cases can really be more of a hindrance than anything else. If you’re not a fan of having a case in the first place then jumping to a phone wallet might not be the way course of action. 

The other disadvantages of phone wallets are quality control. I reviewed a lot of wallets in my time and I’ve found the quality of certain brands can be questionable at best. This review is made up of only wallets which I thought had good enough quality – and features – to warrant considering for purchase. I put this down to phone case manufacturers rushing to get new cases on the market as soon as a new phone is announced. Because of this I recommend waiting a month or two before buying a phone case wallet for a new phone as it can take some time before brands get the quality control right. Just something to keep in mind. 

TORRO Leather Case Wallet

The Torro leather wallet case is my favorite on this list in terms of its overall design. The wallet is elegantly minimalist and simple and does a great job of keeping slim without any unnecessary bulk. 

As a flipbook design, the wallet opens up to present 4 dedicated card slots each with a capacity of 2 cards (8 total). It also has an integrated money slot although you may be forced to fold your notes in half depending on the currency you use. I’m from the United Kingdom and the British £20 note is an example of this. 

The actual casing your iPhone fits within is also a notable feature. This hard case is very secure and is lined with a soft microfiber material to prevent any unnecessary scratches. This is a great feature and often overlooked by many phone cases. Finally, the wallet comes in a nice array of colors including red, brown and black.   

Coming in at £27.99  the wallet is fairly priced and is aimed at those who want a phone case wallet but in a minimalist design. For more information on the Torro, leather case wallet click the link below. 

Kelasip Flipbook iPhone Wallet Case

What I like about the Flip Book wallet case is they don’t shy away from the features. This wallet is for those people who are looking to completely replace their wallet with a phone case and want a variety of features from zip storage for your coins through to a dedicated area to store your headphones. 

The downside to this is the wallet is fairly bulky. Coming in at 15 x 8 x 2.5 cm the wallet is by far the biggest on the list as those additional features add some weight and size to the phone case. But as mentioned it’s all about features with this wallet and is equipped with 11 ID card slots, 3 cash slots, and a dedicated area to store your notes. 

Available in a small array of colors from brown, black, red and green the wallet is attractive to look at and is made from faux leather which is soft to the touch. The price of the wallet is also very reasonable coming in at around £23.00. This is a fair price, especially when you consider the huge array of features the case wallet offers. For more information on the Kelasip Flipbook iPhone case click below.

Coolden Shockproof iPhone 11 Case

As the hardiest wallet to make the list the Coolden is made from a shockproof plastic material that provides maximum protection against dropping your phone, scratches or bumps. As a clumsy individual myself I found myself using this case the most as it provided ample wallet functionality while fully protecting my iPhone. 

It also comes in the largest array of colors – 9 to be exact. From traditional colors like black and blue though to a more premium look of gold and silver, the Coolden offers great customization options to fit your individual look. 

Simple and minimalist the case provides card storage through a sliding mechanism on the back of the case. Here is room to storage only 2 credit or debit cards. Not a lot but this case is less about the functionality of a wallet and more about a nice compromise between a wallet and a great case. 

I recommend this case for people who aren’t looking to replace their wallet but just want a few cards stored within their phone case for ease of use and quick access. And at a price tag of only £8.99, you can’t really complain. For more information on the Coolden case wallet click the link below. 

Stick on iPhone 11 Cardholder Case

For the fans of ultra minimalism, this simple stick-on cardholder is a must. The principle is simple. You peel back the plastic and the small elasticated pouch fits firmly on the back of your phone. It’s that simple and really just enables you to get some good functionality from your phone as a wallet without any case whatsoever. It also comes with RFID blocking technology so you can be sure that any cards are not going to be subject to contactless fraud. 

Coming in at only £7.99 this little card wallet is perfect for people who don’t want a big bulky case but still want an option for a phone wallet. For more information on this case/wallet click here. 

Vaja iPhone Case Wallet

We’re jumping up the price for the last of our reviews. I first discovered Vaja about 6 years ago and they have never failed to create premium handmade leather goods for all to enjoy. This wallet is truly for someone who appreciates the finer things in life. Made from premium Nappa leather. This is evident from the moment you unbox it as the smell and aroma of the premium leather really hits you. 

What stands out about the Vaja phone case is the range of features they’ve implemented to stay relevant in a competitive landscape. The most notorious being the wallet is integrated with Q9 wireless charging enabling you to use wireless charging while using the case. This is a fantastic feature as most other cases require you to have to remove the casing before charing – or use the traditional plugin method. 

Finally the price. The case is by far the most expensive on this list coming in at £120. I think this wallet is a great way to show the quality differences between this and the other cases on this list. This wallet does it all (see below) while the others are great options at a cheaper price tag. If you have the money this is the ultimate phone case wallet for you. For more information please visit the Vaja website by clicking below. 


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