How to Tell if a Goyard Wallet is Real or Fake?

As one of the most esteemed leather goods companies in the world, the world of Goyard is full of fakes and Counterfeits. We discuss the Goyard brand, its history, and how you can identity whether one of their wallets is real or fake.

Designer wallets are some of the most copied and faked wallets in the world. After all, if it has a designer name and price tag, it’s the perfect opportunity for scam artists and counterfeit manufacturers to make easy money. Goyard Wallets themself are one of the most sought-after wallets in the world and are famed for their distinctive style and unique array of customization options. This is especially true of the Goyard Cardholder which has been seen and rocked by many celebrities.

Today we’re going to delve deep into the steps you can take to gauge whether a Goyard Wallet is real or fake, identify the varying quality between fake and real wallets, and learn how you can protect yourself from fake Goyard Wallets. 


Who is Goyard?

Goyard, originally known as Maison Morel, is a luxury leather goods market first established in 1792 (although the Goyard name wasn’t adopted until 1853). Skilled in three traditional crafts of box maker, trunk maker, and packer of Her Royal Highness they were and still are regarded as one of the best luxury leather goods companies in the world. 

Throughout its history, Goyard has remained a relativity small company (hiring just 300 employees) and openly admits to not engaging in expensive marketing of its products. Instead, they simply rely on its history, heritage, word of mouth, and reputation. This has further propelled the company into the spotlight in recent years cementing its reputation as one of the no.1 leather goods & wallet companies across the entire world. 

Today, Goyard is best known for its leather goods that incorporate its distinctive chevron-patterned incorporating Goyard logo. The origins of this pattern are still unknown to this day. One of the reasons for Goyard’s success is down to, after nearly 300 years, still family owned and operated. Its production methods have remained largely unchanged with the company focusing on traditional craftsmanship and techniques dating back to the companies founding. This, combined with the company’s heritage, is why leather goods and wallets from Goyard can cost upwards of $500.00+. 


Celebrities that Carry Goyard

Over the years many celebrities have been photographed carrying Goyard Wallets. One example of this is Orland Bloom was photographed caring a personalized Houyard Wallet with the Letters ‘OB’ embroidered on the front. 

Others include Hollywood actress Ashely Roberts who was seen carrying a grey and black Goyard bag, again, with her own initials on the front. Hillary Duff, Kim Kardashian, and Kanye West all have variations of these travel bags in various designs showcasing Goyard’s commitment to leather goods that can be completely customized to your liking. Other celebrities include Madonna and Victoria Beckham. 

Along with Hollywood celebrities, across the history of the company, Goyard has customers from royalty. The queens of Yugoslavia and Greece became customers after world war 2 and the many members of the British royal family, including the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, had been known to first purchase Goyard back in 1939. 


Where to Buy a Goyard Wallet?

Goyard operates a small number of localized boutiques with their flagship store being located in Paris, France. In true Goyard fashion, they have refused to begin selling their goods online, and prefer to provide a fully tailored customer experience in-store. This is due, in many regards, due to the tailored process and customization options available in all of their goods. 

You can find Goyard Wallets online, but only on resellers’ websites such as ebay and Etsy. Due to this, and the high demand for their leather goods and wallets, the online marketplace is cluttered with counterfeit products and fakes. 

Is Goyard Part of Louis Vuitton?

Contrary to popular belief Goyard is not a part of Louis Vuitton and has remained an independent company since its founding. The confusion as to why the two could be related is down to their designs and similarities in products, craftsmanship, and quality. The famed Chevron pattern is very similar to a pattern by Louis Vuitton which oftentimes causes confusion as to which brand created the leather goods item. 


How to Identify a fake Goyard Wallet

As we mentioned previously, the popularity of Goyard has led them to become one of the top brands for counterfeit and fake companies to copy. If I can provide any advice on how to avoid accidentally purchasing a fake Goyard wallet then follow the steps below when evaluating each and every Goyard Wallet you come across. 

  1. Material quality, and craftmanship: Goyard uses high-quality leather in its wallets. If the leather or canvas feels cheap or flimsy, it may be a fake. Make sure to check the stitching as Goyard is known for its handcrafted quality. If the wallet is older then make sure it doesn’t have too much wear or tear and this is uncommon even in older wallets. 
  2. Logo and branding: Goyard uses specific fonts and branding most seen within their unique chevron patternation. Pay attention to the detailing of these patterns. They should all be even, and with vibrant colors. Many fakes cut costs and this will be very evident with the detailing on this pattern. Also, look to see if the wallet has any personalization options (from the previous owner). Generic Goyard wallets are uncommon as the personalized aspects of the wallet are what  Goyard does best. No customized wallets are a real red flag. 
  3. Price Tag: A good rule of thumb is if that price is too good to be true then it probably is. A quick search on Google and I’ve found many Goyard Wallets at prices below $50.00. These are all most likely fakes as this is far too cheap of a price for Goyard as a brand. 
  4. Authenticity Card: Goyard has put in place its own systems for figuring out whether one of its products is authentic or not. Every Goyard product should come with an Authenticity card, which essentially acts as a receipt that you can send to them asking if it’s real or fake. Avoid any wallets without one of these. Ifs best before you pay for a Goyard wallet online or in person that you contact Goyard directly, with the information from the seller, asking. 

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