Happy New Year Everyone!

Looking to the Future of All The Wallets

There’s no doubt this year has been hard for everyone. But in times of distress, I try my best to think of any silver lining to my own personal situation. This time last year I’d only just started All the Wallets as a side project after a decision to go freelance in a digital marketing position. But as COVID-19 swept the world in March it quickly became evident I wasn’t to be as business quickly dried up. 

This left me with allthewallets.com. A website that now had my full attention whether I liked it or not. I’ve talked about in the past I’ve always had an odd passion or fixation with wallets. I’m not sure why, but very much like watches, it’s one of the only ways men can express themselves through clothing in unique ways. Women have all sorts of accessories from jewelry, but anything outside of the norm is more or less frowned-upon for men. 

In that sense, Wallets provided me a gateway to accessorize and it’s an enjoyable experience picking out a wallet for the day much like people do with any item of clothing. This is what motivated me to begin to compile a list of wallets and start reviewing them based on their own induvial merits. I wanted to create a platform that stands for impartiality, not crooked lies like many similar websites do profiting from advertising less than adequate products. 

What’s New in 2021?

Well apart from hopefully kicking the shit out of COIVD, what’s new for 2021? Next year we’re going to focus a lot on making it easier for discovering new wallets and making new ways for people to easily consume content at a glance. Below are just a few ideas in the pipeline that we are working on to improve the website and your experience using the site. Here are a few ideas that we have in mind that we’ll be implementing to allthewallets.com in 2021. 

YouTube & Videos

We also plan on developing our much needed YouTube channel. Not everyone enjoys reading large blocks of text so having a choice between video, text, and visuals is the perfect way to go about improving our reviews. Each time we write a new article and video will accompany it, meaning you have a choice to read or watch. People enjoy consuming media in different ways and reading lengthy articles isn’t always the best way to go about things. 

Our Community Forum

Probably one of the first new releases in 2021. Our community forum will be a place for people to discuss wallets and share their own opinions. Like other forums, this place will allow people to sign up, create a profile, and post any content regarding the nature of wallets or even other Everyday Carry items. We hope by creating this forum we’ll hopefully help promote and encourage discussion around the wallet world and further increase people’s knowledge and accuracy in finding a new wallet.

Ads (oh no)

With honestly and transparency we’re making the decision to start to roll out ads on our site. This is something which I’ve personally be against. They’re intrusive, annoying and just don’t correlate to an enjoyable user experience. That being said, it’s unavoidable in the long term. Like any business, we need to make money and although our store is picking up and our affiliates are great, ads are a standard part of many websites, especially content sites, a way of easily monetizing our content, paying the bills, and keeping ourself impartial without having to ‘sell-out’ (this would never happen by the way). 

Content Improvements 

A lot of our content is full of general grammar mistakes and that’s something we overlooked in the same of quantity over quality. This will be a slow process. Having to go back through all our previous articles and making sure each and everyone is perfect in every way. Spelling, grammar, layout, and of course accuracy in what we say regarding each wallet. It’ll probably be the toughest thing to achieve on this list but will make the world of difference. 


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