Harris Tweed Wallet Review

A One of a Kind Tweed Bifold

The most notable thing regarding the Harris Tweed Wallet, as the name suggests, is the fact the wallet is made from the unique material tweed. Tweed is most commonly found in a wide variety of men’s clothing often associated and synonymous with a vintage style often meaning used in formal menswear. 

This is why I decided to review the Harris Tweed wallet, as this is the first wallet I’ve come across on the market that integrates tweed in its design. Let’s now take a closer look at the properties of tweed and whether or not this material is suitable for a man’s wallet. Traditionally used for upper-class country clothing tweed is synonymous with Scottish, Irish, Welsh, and English clothing – specifically, outwear. Made from a rough, woolen fabric, of a soft, open, flexible texture Tweed is surprisingly durable with a highly distinctive design. 

Design & Functionality

There’s very little to stay regarding the exact design of the Harris Tweed wallet. In traditional fashion, the wallet is designed and shaped in the classic bi-fold (also called billfold) that has been one of the most popular types of wallet on the market for over a century. In total, it can store up to around 14 credit/debit cards (split among the wallets 8 card slots). The wallet also includes a classic full-width that allows for seamless storage of banknotes.

Although tweed is the main material used in this wallet (used on the outside), the inside is made from genuine leather. Genuine leather isn’t one of the most quality leather types on the market and it does show when using the Harris Tweed wallet. That being said the tweet quality is fantastic and the price of the wallet reflects the letter quality leather used. Just something to keep in mind when purchasing the wallet.

The Tweed wallet itself comes in at a reasonable size of 10cm H x 9cm W x 2cm D. This is overly large but definitely larger than most modern-day minimalist wallets. As a society, we’re moving towards wallets that are more streamlined and slim in size. This is down to people genuinely carrying less with payment systems becoming more digitized including increased rates of contactless card payments and smartphone payments (apple pay / Android pay).

Final Verdict

Overall, I was satisfied with the quality and functionality of the Harris Tweed wallet. The tweed is of great quality and gives an unusually unique look and feel to the wallet. That being said, tweed is not going to be to everyone’s taste as its chequered design is not exactly hip or modern by today’s standards. 

But coming in at a price tag starting at £40.00 I really can’t complain much about the wallet. Its price reflects its use of genuine leather but overall all its craftsmanship and quality are just as good as other wallets more than double its price. For more information on the Harris Tweed check out their official website using the link below.

  • Functionality 63% 63%
  • Design 89% 89%
  • Price 65% 65%



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