The Goyard Wallet Review

A Designer Wallet with Ultimate Personalization 

Goyard is a premium designer brand first established in France all the way back in 1792. It is known for its unusual patterned designs and range of customization and monogram options making it one of the most personalized wallets available on the market today. Because of the brand’s designer status, it has become popular among many celebrities including the likes of Orlando Bloom who was photographed carrying his custom wallet back in 2018. 

Today we’re going to be looking at Goyard’s Cardholder wallet, a minimalist wallet that is one of the most popular choices in their collection. The wallet itself is fairly standard in design. It comes in at a mini size at just 3.9 in (W) Height: 2.8 in (H) (slightly larger than a typical credit/debit card). The wallet has 5 distinct card slots, 2 on each side, and one slightly larger one on top. It can hold between 6 – 8 cards, a decent amount, and a few banknotes folded and stored in the top slot, again, decent capacity for the wallet size. 

What makes people attracted to the Goyard Wallet is the range of personalization options. While being made from a premium soft leather the wallet allows for ultimate customization from a monogram, your initials, printed on the front, and a range of color options all within the distinct tessellation patternation. These colors can be anything from standard colors like black or brown through to more unique colors such as pink, purple, and yellow.  

It’s unknown exactly how much these wallets cost (as you can only purchase them from there in-store boutiques) for varying prices. But one on the second-hand market they can set you back anywhere between $250.00 – $550.00 (depending on quality). With any designer brand, you expect these sorts of prices so it’s hard to make a fair comparison with other wallets. Sure, you can easily purchase a similar style of wallet at cheaper prices but that’s isn’t the reason people purchase designer wallets such as this. For more information on the Goyard Wallet check out out their official website and locate your nearest store today. 

  • Functionality 65% 65%
  • Design 90% 90%
  • Price 40% 40%



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