Glenroyal Wallet Review

The Finest Quality Leather Craftsmanship 

With the goal of preserving traditional craftsmanship and creating timeless leather goods using unique and high-quality leather, Glenroyal has been successfully creating leather items, including wallets, since 1979. With a very vintage and classic look to each and every wallet, Glenroyal does a fantastic job of creating wallets that go above and beyond what most craftsmen would even attempt. Let’s now break down their wallet range and see if a Glenroyal Wallet is right for you. 

Firstly, let’s talk about Glenroyal’s material of choice – superb Bridle Leather. This type of leather gets its name from leather made by pit tanning hides with a range of unique vegetable extracts, oils, and waxes. This gives the leather a hardier and more durable disposition but also creates a highly unique and distinctive finish will a natural glow and distinctive texture. I can’t fault their choice of leather and it really is a beautiful and fantastic choice of leather. It feels, looks, and smells great and with its full-grain and thick hide likely to last a very long time with care. 

In terms of the actual functionality and range of wallets you can choose from Glenroyal I was fairly impressed. From small minimalist bifolds, though to more intricate long and zipper wallets, I found Glenroyal had a range to fit the needs of everyone. My favorite wallet, the money clip with coin pocket, has a fantastic layout and managed to utilize space effectively even considering its ability to store coins – great design.

For whatever reason, the Glenroyal online store has its prices in Japanese Yen, despite being a company based and founded in Scotland (I had to double-check my VPN several times cos I thought I was going crazy). With the cheapest wallet coming in at 16,000 JPY ($160), and the most expensive at 47,000 JPY ($470) Glenroyal is by no means cheap. That being said, their craftsmanship is something every company should envy. For more information on the Glenroyal wallet range check out their official website using the link below.

  • Functionality 68% 68%
  • Design 72% 72%
  • Price 59% 59%



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