Wallet Giveaway Results

The First of a New Year

Well, I hope everyone has had a safe yet enjoyable Christmas and new year. We want to apologize for the delay in getting the results out! As you can imagine Christmas is a hectic time and we’ve only just got to grips with getting back to work. 

January can often be a difficult month for many as the joys of the Christmas festivities fade, and the daily grind of real-life creeps upon us, and normality resumes. Hopefully, 2021 is the start of the end of this chaos and we can begin a heal.

2021 is going to have a few differences in the way we do our giveaway. Along with providing winners with a free wallet, we’ll also be releasing a range of coupon codes for our store providing massive discounts on wallets of your choice. 10 others will win a coupon code, up to 80%, through an automatic email. Please keep an eye out for those. Use them as you wish or give them to a friend! Each one is custom to you,  will never expire, and can be used on any and every wallet in our store. 

The Giveaway Wallet

The wallet we’re going to Giveaway this month is the Andar Baron Wallet. Andar is a brand we’ve worked personally with in the past selling them within our store recently. What makes the Andar range stand out is their unique use of crazy horse leather (a soft suede style leather) along with their unique features. 

The Baron Wallet itself is a smaller sized wallet with its main feature being a metal money clip that sits down the center of the bifold. It is fantastic for people who love to carry cash (banknotes) and want a simple yet effective way to store them in a no-hassle way. Along with this, the Baron can also carry between 1 – 10 cards easily and is fully RFID protected. 

And the Winner is…

Dominic H.

Congratulations to Dominic for winning the first competition 2021. I’ll personally be in touch with your provided email to arrange shipping and delivery. We hope has a great January. Stay safe, and keep an eye out for the results of our next competition in February. 


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