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Merry Christmas everyone! We hope you’re keeping well and the festive season might be a little more eventful compared to last year. To celebrate the Christmas season we’ll be giving away one of our favorite wallets of this year a perfect gift for a friend or a loved one (or just keep it for yourself)!

The wallet in question is the recently reviewed Flip Card Case from Harber London. Harber London themselves are a fantastic brand from the United Kingdom that provides a huge variety of high-quality leather goods. Their range of wallets is second to none with some of the most innovative leather wallets on the market combining traditional aesthetics with modern-day features – a great brand all-round. 

The winner of our December ‘Christmas’ Giveaway is:

And the Winner is…


Big congratulations to Sarjoon. As always, we’ll be messaging you directly to ask for your address and get your wallet shipped over to you ASAP. We have no plans to stop our giveaway going into 2022 so, for now, have a great Christmas, happy new year and we’ll see you all for our January 2022 Giveaway Results.

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