The Best Father’s Day Wallets

[Buyers Guide 2021]

If you’re looking for the perfect Father’s day gift then there’s nothing better than a personalized gift. Wallets are in our opinion a fantastic choice for a Father’s day gift as they’re not only functional and necessary (everyone carries a wallet with them), but also provide a daily reminder to your Father each and every day with a truly unique wallet with a custom message or photo – something special from you that’ll last a lifetime. 

I’ve split this article into 3 main parts. This includes personalized wallets (those with custom messaging or even photos included with them), full custom wallets (this includes an actual full custom wallet designed by you), and finally, popular wallets. These wallets, although don’t come with any personalization options are some of the best on the market in terms of design, popularity, and quality. 


My Photo Wallet

My Photo Wallet is a tailor-made service that creates a wide range of personalized goods – including wallets. What makes them better for most is their affordability with custom engravings or photos that can be chosen and printed directly onto the surface of the wallet. My Photo Wallet provides the most extensive customization options on this list. This includes custom messages, photo engravings, and even smaller gifts such as credit card-sized photos printed with an image of your choice. 

I’ll have to be honest, although their custom options are the best, the quality of the wallet is not the best. They’re only made from genuine leather, which means they’re made from one of the poorest grades of leather. That being said, this quality, or lack of it, is reflected in the affordability of the wallet. Starting at a price tag as low as $15.00, My Photo Wallet provides a great service, at a budget, with fast shipping. For more information on the My Photo Wallet range of wallets, and their services, check out our full review, or visit their official website directly using the link below. 


The Stow Wallet

Stow offers a fantastic and highly popular metal wallet that combines great design with a minimalist approach to your daily carry. It’s made out of aluminum metal with a unique design for easy access and storage of up to 12 cards (depending on the model you choose). Since the Stow (v1), Akeeni, the company behind the wallet, has gone onto developing other wallets including the highly anticipated XSTO Wallet. 

The real benefit of considering the Stow wallet, especially compared to other metal wallets, is their customization options viable. Stow wallet has an in-build wallet designer, that allows you to build your perfect wallet straight from their website. This includes allowing you to design a wallet with custom colors, monograms, and even an image of your choice printed directly onto the surface of the wallet. It really is the most streamlined and easy to configure way of creating your own personalized wallet. This is all great considering the fact that a custom wallet of this kind doesn’t really exist in many metal wallets – a rarity for sure. 

The price of the Stow wallet, and its customization, is also very affordable coming in at a price tag of $58.00 which is very affordable in our opinion offering a balance between affordability and premium design. The Stow is a solid pick as any Father day present, it has it all for minimalists and would be a great wallet for anyone who wants to carry something unique and personal with them on a daily basis. For more information check out the stow wallet at their official website using the link below.


Fielder’s Choice Wallet

If you’re Father’s a big baseball fan then the opportunity to have an old baseball glove repurposed into a wallet is something you should definitely consider. Many companies offer baseball glove wallets (see our full list here), but Fielder’s Choice comes out on top as one of our favorites. These gloves are high quality and provide a classic and vintage look and feel while retaining the design of what makes baseball gloves unique. 

What really stands out about Fielder’s Choice is the option to have a glove you own converted into one of these wallets. With their Pastime Custom Program, you can send them a baseball glove of your own and have it turned into a timeless wallet that holds all the dearest memories of the baseball glove. With this, you can also choose the design you want whether it be a standard bi-fold or a more minimalist style wallet. You can browse through the range of designs on their official website.

Overall, the Baseball Glove Wallets provided by Fielder’s Choice is a really innovative way to provide a highly personalized gift for any Baseball fan to get the most out of a baseball glove that’s simply sitting there gathering dust. The price tag for this service is not available through their website (you’ll have to get in contact directly with them), but the standard price for any of their wallets starts at $95.00 and ranges as high as $195.00. For more information on Fielder’s Choice check out their official website using the link below. 


The Ridge Wallet

As the most famous wallet on the market today, Ridge provides a wallet with a near iconic design, originally paving the way for the current popularity in men’s metal wallets. The Ridge Wallet is best suited for people who want to streamline their wallets and carry less with them on a daily basis. If your dad is anything like mine, then he probably still carries a classic bulky bifold so now might be the perfect time to bring them into modern times with a wallet that does it all in a neat little package. 

Coming in at a size of just 86 x 54 x 6 mm the Ridge Wallet really combines the best of design, size, and storage and that shows with its impressive specs. It can store up to 12 credit/debit cards in a ‘stacking’ style and includes a money clip on the back to secure and have easy access to your bills with little to no effort. Other features include RFID-blocking Material (to prevent contactless card fraud) and a lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

You also get a decent amount of customization options including an array of cool color options and patterns to really make the wallet really unique or tailored to your, or your dads, unique style. This includes models such as the Carbon Fiber, Forged Ember, or 25 Karat gold plated model – make sure to check them all out. Price starts at $85.00 and ranges as high as $225.00 depending on the model, material (metal choice), and design you choose. Ridge has a fathers day offer coming soon so keep an eye out for up to 10% off your order. For more information check out their official website using the link below. 


Dango Dapper Wallet

Dango is best known for its range of tactical wallets – also known as EDC Wallets. These types of wallets offer more than just cash and card storage reaching out to those who want additional tools in their arsenal such as pen storage, multi-tools, and attachment points. The Dapper Wallet is one such wallet in their range as is probably the most popular among their array of wallets.

The Dango Dapper range starts at $69.00 and ranges as high as $147.00. They’re not cheap, but Dango provides one of the highest quality range of wallets on the market so I’d consider this a gift for life – well worth the price tag in my opinion. The Dango Dapper is a great functional EDC Wallet that provides unique functionality for those who feel they’ll benefit from them.

If your dad is more of a hands-on person who could benefit from the tactical elements of the Dango range of wallets then it’s definitely a good contender for a Father’s day gift. Dango is also great at providing coupon codes and discounts for events like Farther’s day so keep an eye out on these nearer the time. For more information on the Dango range check out their official website using the link below. 


Ekster Parliment Wallet

The Ekster Parliament Wallet is the flagship wallet from one of the most popular wallet brands in the world. Ekster is known for popularising its innovative pop-up wallet a creative way to access cards at just the push of a button. Along with cool innovations like his, they also have a classic or vintage look combining a full-grain leather that has a look and feels that can only be described as premium from a time gone by. The Parliament has it all with great capacity, a premium look, and a decent price tag all things considered. 

Ekster is also renowned for also providing one of the best ways of integrating smart features (GPS Tracking, etc…) into any wallet at an affordable price. This is achieved through their tracking card (optional extra) that takes the shape of a standard credit/debit card and fits nicely in any wallet (a great Father’s day gift in its own right at $30.00). 

The Ekster Parliament Wallet starts at a price tag of $89.00, but depending on the model, can be up to $189.00 depending on the quality of the material. You can either purchase the Eskter Parliament Wallet from Ekster’s official website or from Amazon if you need faster shipping times. For more information on Ekster, and to browse their full range of innovative wallets click the link below. Ekster is also very good at using these holidays, Father’s Day included, in providing discounts of up to 20%. Make sure to check back nearer the time to see if this offer is on around Father’s Day.


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