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Two years ago we launched our All The Wallets forum. At the time we were excited to see if could form a community around wallets and allow for freedom of discussion when it came to choosing, testing, and buying a wallet. 

Unfortunately, the forum didn’t exactly take off and around a month ago we decided to close the forum website for good. There were many reasons why it didn’t work, but the main one was the fact that we, All The Wallets, neglected to promote the forum and ultimately kept it as an afterthought. 

With this in mind, we’ve decided to create a discord server to act as our new community hub and allow people to easily discover reviews from individuals, discover news, and find the latest coupon codes. One of the biggest issues with our original forum with the barrier to entry. You had to sign up, create an account and jump through hoops just to get into the forum. 

With Discord, everything is as easy as clicking the link below (assuming you have a discord profile) and you’re ready to go. So please join us on discord, introduce yourself, and let’s try to create a community around everything wallets – All The Wallets. 


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