Dickies Wallet Review

How good are these range of wallets?

Dickies are a large brand, first established as far back as 1922, that sells a range of clothing and apparel aimed at workers or those in more demanding jobs. Since being founded Dickies have tried to still to its core philosophy of workwear created for its toughness, durability, and quality made to last and perform in conditions fits for the American Worker. Let’s take a look at some of the wallets available to purchase from Dickies and see how well they hold up.

I wasn’t too impressed with the overall quality of any of the Dickies Wallets. They are made from what seems to be a cheaper genuine leather (one of the worst grades of leather), which is simply quoted on their website as being made from 70% Leather, 30% Polyester materials. Polyester in itself is poor quality material and this really shows. On the other hand, the wallet feels flimsy, with an almost rubbery texture that doesn’t, in my opinion, really resemble leather. I have issues, based on the material, how well this wallet would hold up over extended use. This is sad to see especially considering Dickies core values of durability and quality. 

Dickies provide an affordable range of wallets that take classic designs you’re probably all familiar with. This includes bifolds, but also classic velcro wallets that you probably had as a kid. Functionality-wise these wallets are about as standard as you can get. Laid out in a traditional bi-fold style, each wallet comes in a number of card slots, internal slots, and full-width cash slots for note storage. Generally, they do an effective job of storage, but do nothing out of the norm of what you can find in the hundreds of other brands on the market. 

Overall, I really didn’t enjoy my time using any of the Dickies wallets. The best of the bunch was their velcro style wallet, but that can be purchased anywhere and isn’t unique to Dickies in any way. The materials were poor, and the overall functionality of each wallet, although fine, isn’t anything you couldn’t find in any number of wallets on the market. The best thing about the wallets is their affordability, which I guess is priced according to their quality, but then again, other better wallets still exist at similar price tags. For more information on all of Dickies Wallets check out their official website using the link below.

  • Functionality 62% 62%
  • Design 58% 58%
  • Price 69% 69%



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