April Update, Discounts & Offers

Ridge, Dango, and Some Amazing Offers

With Easter come and gone, Spring here, and Father’s Day a mear month away we’ve got some great offers to bring you from some pretty big brands in the wallet space. It’s been a pretty optimistic new year so far, with COVID being tackled well by many countries and many lockdown restrictions coming to an end. The sense of euphoria has been seen throughout the market and it’s clear, even to this website, that people are willing to spend more, Kickstarter projects are plentiful again and the general optimism of the future is back.  But enough waffling, here are some great wallet deals for you to get your hands on this month. 

Dango’s Spring Sale

To celebrate Easter and the beginning of Spring, Dango Wallets (most famous for their range of tactical and innovative wallets) are giving everyone 15% off on all orders up with Coupon Code ‘Spring15’. It’s unclear how long this promotion will last (duh until the end of Spring), so make sure to capitalize on it while stocks last. 

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Ridge’s April Update

Ridge wallet is celebrating National Park’s week with some promos going live on April 17th and running up until the 25th. Bags are available with up to 25% off, with a 10% sale on all Ridge Wallets. You won’t need a coupon code to claim this offer, it should automatically be applied at checkout – sweet. Keep it a secret, but Ridge also has big plans for Farther’s Day (June 20th) with more opportunities to get some discounts nearer June. Make sure to key an eye out for that!

Finally, Ridge has a couple of new, or returning, Ridge Wallet designs that make be worth considering. First, you have their Forged Ember model. Launched in March, this bold wallet has a textured paintbrush effect with little red accents covering the wallet giving that burning ember effect. Ridge also has a Topographic Wallet, Yosemite themed to celebrate National Parks Week, that is every bit as gorgeous. Ridge will also be donating proceeds to the National Park System which is a wonderful cause.

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