Supr Goods


Supr Goods Co is a studio of Aaron Melander and Erik Melander two brothers on a mission to design products that help people live more simply. There emphasis on design and minimalist is key in everything they do and that’s apparent in their small yet attractive range of slim wallets.



Are Supr Minimalist Wallets right for you?

If you’re looking for a slim wallet made from lightweight elastic then you should definitely consider a Supr wallet. They are slim, affordable and designed for the most minimal of daily carries. 

The Best Men’s Leather Wallets 2020

The Best Men’s Leather Wallets 2020

The Best Men's Leather Wallets 2020Leather wallets have been the standard material used in apparel since forever. In fact the oldest leather wallets dating back to ancient greece. But to this day - and even with the advent of new materials - the trusty leather wallet...


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