Brand Spotlight: Vaja Leather Goods

Vaja is a brand I first stumbled upon nearly 10 years ago now when I first bought my first iPhone – the iPhone 3G. I was looking for a unique leather case that further excelled in the beautiful design of the phone and accentuated its design. When I discovered Vaja it was like all my Christmas’ had come at once but I was suddenly burdened with the reality of the price. As a premium handmade brand, Vaja doesn’t shy away from hefty price tags. I ended up purchasing a second-hand case on eBay – which was fantastic.

Ideology & Ethos

Vaja has a genuine respect and appreciation for leather that spans generations. With attention to detail a big part of what they do you can be reassured that they only use the best leather and that your case could last a lifetime with proper care. 

All the leather they use in their products is authentic grain cowhide. Our hides are carefully selected from the top ten percent of Argentina’s best leather resulting in outstanding quality, strength, character, and grain.

But it’s not only the leather that is good. Vaja only hires the most skilled craftsmen who have many years of experience in leathercraft and treat each material with care and strive to meet only the highest global benchmark in the industry.

Product Range

Vaja mainly creates cases for technology-related products including smartphone cases, tablets, and computers. I’ve browsed through their range many times and am always surprised by the variety and unique style they place on every product they make. Vaja has also branched out into other leather goods including bags, cable holders, keyrings and even wallets. I’ve yet to test our wallet range but hope to one day as I know the quality would be nothing short of perfection. 

The best thing about Vaja is its Customisation options. They have a built-in web tool that always you to create, customize and visualize a truly personalized wallet right from the website. From choosing a leather type to choosing between a huge variety of different colors Vaja offers the ultimate experience when it comes to true customization. 

Costings & Pricing

Here’s the bad news, Vaja is not cheap. For example, a pre-made none customized phone case would set you back around $80 – $129 depending on the model If you want to customize your own case (let’s be fair you do) then that will cost you a further $60.00+ on top of that. The extreme end of the pricing with Vaja is their leather bags which start at around $600.

Final Verdict

Overall I love the Vaja brand. Pricing aside I love the quality of their goods and I always have confidence that what I receive is made to the highest standards. Vaja isn’t trying to cater to the everyday man with their cases and is targeting those who are willing to pay the price for the quality. For more information on Vaja – and their range of leather goods – check them out directly with the link below.


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