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We live in an ever-increasing digital world but one thing technology will never be able to replace is the feeling of intimacy or touch. But a few companies have attempted to challenge this statement and change how we might interact and improve relationships, increase intimacy and create happier and healthier relationships.

This has been achieved by what has been dubbed ‘Long Distance Touch Bracelets’. These electronic devices are built to bridge the distance between relationships by enabling touch and physical sensations to be sent over long distances regardless of where two people are in the world. With what resembles a smart fitness band or watch, the Touch Bracelets come in a wide array of different designs and come with a variety of features to meet the criteria of these unusual smart devices.

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    What are Touch Bracelets? 

    Gentle vibrations replicate the touch of your partner. That’s the description of touch bracelets provided by the original creator and brand that kick-started this new type of product. But apart from the novelty of touch bracelets, are there any other reasons why you and your partner should consider one? Below we explore some of the reasons why a touch bracelet might be right for your relationship. 

    Long-distance relationships: It can be hard to maintain a long-distance relationship. The lack of intimacy and that time apart can really, and often does, take its toll on a lot of relationships that don’t last. Because of this, it can often pay for both parties to take extra steps to keep the spark alive and a Touch Bracelet can help with this. 

    Improve Relationships: Deepen and improve your relationships when you’re not even today. Texting or video calls are one thing, but nothing can replace the feeling of touch. 


    What Makes a Good Touch Bracelet? 

    Like when considering the purchase of anything you want to know you’re getting the best quality and value for your money. As quite a niche item we

    Our Top Picks for 2022

    In this article, we’ll be looking at 5 different long-distance touch bracelets that currently dominate the market and give our honest independent opinion on why they’re good and why they might be the best fit for you and your partner. Let’s just get right in.


    Bond Touch Bracelets

    Bond Touch is by far the largest player in the Touch Bracelet market. In fact, they were actually the company who first invested and conceived the concept of long distance connected bracelets first launching back in 20XX. 

    One of the biggest advantages of the Bond Touch are the bracelets’ unique and very attractive designs. They have a minimalist design to them and are not outwardly feminine or masculine meaning both parties should be happy to wear them. They also provide a huge range of customization options allowing you to choose different colours and styles of bracelets, really allowing you to choose the right, material and colour for your own individual style.

    The Bond Touch works with their very own app available on both the app store (IOS) and Play Store (Android). Apart from the app’s main purpose (the ability to send vibrants/touch sensations to your partner) the app also has a whole host of additional features. Some of these features include


    The cost of two Touch Bond Bracelets will set you back a minimum of $108.00 ($54.00 per Touch Bond). This is obviously not cheap, but considering the build quality, and reputation Touch Bond is not terrible for what it does. You can also pay extra for additional bands in various colors and materials including a metal band and a range of elastic sports bands and even eco bands made from soft pliable wood. 

    Overall, I was really happy with my time using the Touch Bond. Both the bracelets and app work intuitively and the quality and overall experience exceeded my expectations. Shipping was fast for me (although Touch Bond does seem to have a decent amount of Negative reviews regarding shipping on their TrustPilot), and the ability to send different bracelets to different addresses is fantastic. For more information on the Bond Touch visit their official website using the link below.


    Feel Hey Bracelets

    Feel Hey are probably the biggest competitors going against the current top dog of the Bond Touch. In my opinion, the Feel Hey provides a slightly better sensor and feeling of touch when it comes to actually use the device. It uses a small yet powerful monitor in the wristband that provides a more natural and gentle squeeze, more life-like in our opinion compared to other devices. 

    The caveat of this is the Feel Hey is larger and bulkier on your wrist as you can probably tell from the images above. It definitely felt heavier on the hand and more noticeable on a daily basis when in daily use and by others who asked what it was. That being said, the style of the Feel Hey is very similar to any common Fitness band on the market and you really wouldn’t be able to tell what it was unless asked (either that or a smart watch). 


    Another pro of the Feel Hey and probably thanks to its larger size is better battery life compared to other models. The Feel Hey boasts a 3-day battery life (dependent on how often you use it) and charges in around 2 hours – fantastic. The app is also very easy to set up and has 

    Overall my time using the Feel Hey touch Bracelet was very positive. It does everything you’d expect from a contactless bracelet and does so in a high-quality, durable bracelet. Although I’m not a fan of its larger size, this does come with many advantages including better battery life and a better motor for simulating touch. At a price tag of $119.00 (currently on offer at $79.00) for a pair, it’s competitively priced on the market and has a great all-around touch band. For more information on the Feel Hey visit their official website using the link below. 


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