The Best Neck Wallets [Buyers Guide]

The evolution of the classic men’s wallet has many forms. From wood to metal the type of wallet you carry can say a lot about a man and this isn’t exclusive to this type of material. The Neck wallet, as the name suggests, is a type of wallet that enables you to carry your most treasured belongings around your neck. 

You might ask yourself why this is necessary but the trusty neck wallet has many distinct features that come in handy depending on your needs and what you plan to use it for. The main advantage of a neck wallet is the fact you can around your neck. This is perfect for when you’re perhaps traveling on holiday and need to keep your items close to you at all times. This includes perhaps your passport or tickets where you always have access to them at a moment’s notice. 

There’s also the safety aspect of the neck wallet. A wallet around your neck acts as an anti-theft device as it makes it significantly harder, if not impossible, to pickpocket you. This adds to the recommended travel aspects of the neck wallet as in certain countries pickpocketing tourists is prevalent. 

Due to the main purpose of a neck wallet, these types of the wallet also tend to be much larger with large amounts of space for items not typically seen in a wallet (such as passports, documents and larger than normal capacity for cash and cards).  The wallets I recommend in this article are a great example of this. 

Is a neck wallet right for me? 

So with all this in mind ask yourself whether a neck wallet is right for you? If you’re purchasing one with the intention to travel with then you’re off to a great start. If you need don’t think a neck wallet is right for you, ask reading this, then why not check out our other reviews below. We have a range of fantastic articles where we review some of the best other wallets on the market. 

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Lewis N. Clark Neck Wallet

Made from durable lightweight Nylon the Lewis N. Neck Wallet is a great example of fantastic durability and lightness. The wallet is built for people who might want added security along with a wallet that can withstand the elements in more extreme conditions (camping or extreme sports). This is made possible with self-repairing zippers and non-rip nylon for peace of mind. The Nylon is also waterproof meaning you don’t have to worry about your belongings getting wet. 

The Lewis N. is also very functional with multiple compartments for a great array of storage options. From multiple zippers for easy coins storage to roomy pockets for passport or travel documents, the wallet is a jack of all trades. Finally, the wallet also comes with RFID blocking technology for those traveling to countries where contactless fraud might be on the rise.

Overall, the wallet is a fantastic budget example of a Neck wallet with a great array of features made from hardy materials. Coming in at just over $10.00 I really can’t fault this effective wallet and this budget option should suffice most people when traveling. For more information on the Lewis N. Clark Neck Wallet check out the current price on Amazon using the link below. 

Agoz Crossbody Wallet

The Agoz Crossbody wallet is a stripped down Neck wallet where most of the magic happens inside the wallet. Coming in at only 7.1 x 4.3 x 1.5 inches the wallet is smaller than most of this list and a great option for people who tend to carry less. Along with ample card and cash storage, the wallet also has some innovative features such as the dedicated slot at the top to feed your wired headphones though. It also boasts space for your smartphone, keys and other small items all secured within a double zipper mechanism for added security. 

The Agoz Crossbody wallet comes in at another cheap price of $13.00. The wallet is a great alternative to those wanting a more attractive design and a smaller overall Neck wallet. For more information on the Agoz wallet check them out on Amazon with the link below.

Omystyle Travel Neck Wallet

Another prime example of a simple design and ingenuity. The Omystyle Neck wallet comes with five smart storage compartments to organize your stuff including two zip pockets (for coins), two Velcro closure pockets for easy access items like cards or cash, and an ID Window. This is all presented on top of a wallet made from strong water-resistant fabric designed for traveling and with anti-sweat properties. 

The Omystyle Neck wallet also comes in a nice array of color options to choose from. Unlike others, on this list, this small range of personalization options adds a lot of charm to the wallet and comes in 7 different colors including red, black, blue, grey and purple. 

The Omystyle wallet was easy to use and really can store everything you’ll need when out and about. Coming in at only $13.00 the wallet is another fantastic budget option for people looking for an all-round sturdy and durable wallet to accompany them on their travels. For more information on the wallet check them out on Amazon using the link below. 

ELV Badge Holder Wallet

Something a little different on this list. ELV Badge Wallet is a smaller sized minimalist wallet, not meant for traveling, but for carrying your essentials around your neck on a daily basis. If you’re the type of person who needs to wear a Lanyard at work then this option to keep credit/debit cards along with cash altogether in one Neck Wallet then this wallet might be for you. 

The main purpose of the wallet is the transparent ID Window at the front of the wallet that clearly displaying identity cards you might need. This is made from a strong perspex material and makes it easy to scan an ID Card if necessary. Along with this the wallet also comes with an additional card slot at the front (for 1 card) and 3 more on the rear side (for 3 additional cards). 

Overall, the wallet is much smaller in size so keep that in mind if you do carry large amounts of stuff with you on a daily basis. For more information on the ELV Badge Holder wallet check them out on Amazon using the link below.


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