The Best Face Masks 2020 [From Wallet Brands]

During these uncertain times, I’ve noticed a trend in the wallet community. Many wallet brands have taken it upon themselves to give back during these trying times and help combat COVID-19 by producing Fac masks to sell and usually donate back to the COVID-19 relief effort. It’s a fantastic cause, and as someone who frequently visits the website of these wallet eCommerce store’s I’ve decided to create a little list to showcase the best Facemasks developed by these brands, and which ones are worth buying to further help with the relief efforts during this nasty pandemic. 

Remember, these masks are meant to be used by everyday people when out and about and not suitable replacements for N95 Masks as advised by the CDC. Please do your part in helping reduce the spread of COVID-19 and wear a mask as much as possible when out in public areas, and shops. 


Loyal Stricklin Masks

The Loyal Stricklin masks are highly attractive and I love the range of colors that they come in. They are made of two layers of fabric, have a dedicated area for a filter and have a double nose bridge for added comfort. The mask comes in at 7.5x 4.25 inches which are large enough for most adults and should fit all thanks to the ling straps that allow for great adjustments. The Masks are also good for around 100 wash cycles which are higher than most I’ve come across. I put this down to the fantastic material. 

Nevertheless, coming in at $30 per mask they are not the cheapest, to say the least and I find no evidence that Loyal Stricklin donated any of this money to the Covid-19 Relief efforts (which most other brands do). The mask is great for its looks and features but I’d highly recommend going with another Mask provider as you can help give back while helping protect yourself and others in the process. For more information on these masks click the link below.


Allett Masks

Probably my favorite masks on this list. Allett is a wallet brand that has been around since 1995 having originated in San Diego.  Their groundbreaking wallet designs were engineered to relieve back pain and help kick off the trend in minimalist wallets and ones that carry less. Since COVID, Allett is using their own factory to help supply PPE and Facemasks to the general public. 

For just $25.00 for two masks, the quality of durability is some of the best I’ve come across. Not only that but for every set of masks you purchase Allett will also donate an additional 2 masks to essential workers. You can even choose yourself who you want these going to from Hospitals, First Responders, or Retirement homes. Allett is truly the best on this list in terms of actually helping the fight against COVID and I highly respect them for that. 

In terms of the masks, they are also high quality on par with any other on this list. They are made from high-quality polypropylene and paired with a breathable cotton layer for comfort. The nose also has a flex-wire for shaping around the nose and comes in an extensive range of colors from olive (green), blue, black, and red. For more information on Alletts range of masks click the link below. 


Distil Ferris FaceMask

I’ve followed Distil Union for as long as I can remember. I’ve managed to review a good amount of their wallets and am always happy with their innovations and high-quality wallets. Distil are one of the wallet brands that have also started developing a small range of Face Masks to go, again, to help out during these difficult times. In Distil Union’s case, they’ve decided to donate all profits made from the wallets to Covid-19 relief efforts instead of masks themselves. I like this more, as it allows hospitals and charities to choose where best to put the money where it’s most needed. 

The Masks themselves are actually really innovative and creative and use a bunch of interesting features I’ve not seen in many masks before. The first is the magnetic mount that enables you to stick the wallet to any magnetic surface. This is actually quite interesting, as it enables you to keep the wallet raised up on a high surface (like a fridge) to potentially reduce the number of bacteria that could get on the mask.

The wallet is made from Dual-layered polycotton fabric, reversible between 2 colors (dark and light blue) and uses a previously unseen (to me) earloop design that adjusts in two ways for a tight, secure fit but also comfort. The Ferris FaceMask can be yours for $18.00 or $45.00 for a pack of three. For more information on Distil Union and their facemask click the link below.


Zenlet Maskase

Zenlet is known for their highly innovative range of sliding wallets, that I always describe as the Apple of the wallets world. These infamous Zenlet 2 really is something you’d expect Apple to make as it’s design, look, and feel is something that resembles the iPhone or MacBook. If you’re interested in their wallets check out our full reviews of the Zenlet here.  

But since COVID Zenlet has decided to develop a new product, not a facemask, but a product that acts as a case to prevent and easily store your mask when it’s not in use. Think of it how a glasses case works on you won’t be far off. The Maskase, as it’s called, is made from a Copper foil and paper-like material that needs to be folded and constructed on unboxing like Origami. 

The Maskase is built on the idea that people overlook the risks of not storing the mask correctly touching the masks with dirty hands, and storing it in unsanitary places (like a pocket). The copper foil lining is where the Maskase really shines as copper has antibacterial properties killing and preventing the spread of germs in no more than 4 hours. It’s clever, innovative and at only $9.00 a nice addition to our EDC during these trying times. For more information on the Zenlet Maskase click the link below. 


Vaja Pro Face Mask

I honestly couldn’t not include the Vaja Facemask as it’s something that is completely different from the norm. Not only is this mask completely customizable, from its colors, and size but the mask is made entirely from a Caterina soft leather, one of fantastic quality. Inside the mask is a removable inner liner. This is awesome as it allows you to remove the inside, where your face will be touching and wash this allowing for the outside leather covering can be reused forever.

In practice, the Masks takes a little bit to get used too. Having such high-quality leather on the outside, as opposed to breathable fabric that most masks are made from, is quite strange. The mask is very comfortable though and is more rigid making it a nicer fit on the face. 

As you probably guessed the Vaja Pro Mask is the most expensive on this list coming in at $89.00 (for the non-customizable version). Most of you will probably be shocked at spending this much money on a mask and I don’t blame you. You’re going to have to be a certain sort of person to purchase a mask like this and this price especially since Vaja doesn’t donate any proceedings to the Covid-19 Relief efforts. Honestly, I would never recommend choosing this wallet, but if you want to look like a supervillain then this might be the mask for you. 


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