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There comes a time in every parent’s life when they have to introduce their child to the real world. Money is a crucial part of how our society functions as a whole so it makes sense to get them interested in money and form respect and appreciation for its value and to teach them when it’s gone it’s gone. Getting kids to form this mentality at a younger age is better as it cements a healthy mentality and adds a sort of appreciation for money.

But getting them interested in such a boring subject might be easier said than done. I remember when I was that age I didn’t care for money as I always had the bank of mom and dad to fall back on. Nevertheless, my parents had other plans. They eventually bought me my first wallet.

A simple Velcro Wallet with a long cash slot and coin pouch. I wouldn’t have been interested in any wallet if it wasn’t for the fact it was printed with colorful Pokemon which was my favorite TV show at the time. I was immediately fixated with carrying it wherever I went and it was here my parents could better teach me the value of money.

So here is my take on some of the coolest wallets on the market today to try and get your kids interested in money and add a little fun to their first wallet. Let’s get started. 

Playstation Wallet

My personal favorite on this list. The Playstation wallet is a perfect wallet for any kid gamer who is a fan of gaming. Styled in a traditional bi-fold style the Playstation wallet is designed to resemble the very iconic Playstation 1 (PS1) the original gaming console released by Sony. Although they may not have played on an original PlayStation (and don’t have nostalgia for it like I do) it’s a fun design and immediately stands out. 

The wallet itself is also highly functional. The Front part comes apart to reveal a typical bi-fold style wallet. On the left is an area for card storage while the right side provides a functional zipper for storing any coins. The top of the wallet has a full-length banknote slot to fit in any bills. For more information on the Playstation wallet, we actually have a full review which can be read here. You can also get more information by clicking the link below.

Minecraft Creeper Wallet

Unless you’ve been living under a rock I guarantee you’ve heard of Minecraft the popular block-style building & survival game. Inspired by the game’s charming graphics this wallet is colorful and has a really fantastic print quality. The wallet itself is made into a traditional bi-fold style with a capacity for up to 12 cards and ample room for banknotes. 

The best thing about these official wallets from Minecraft’s creators – Mojang – is the variety of different designs they come in. From Creepers through to weapons the range is fantastic and it’s another opportunity for any fans of the game to have a great variety of choices. For more information on this wallet check out the link below. 

The Classic Velcro Wallet

Nothing beats the old nostalgia-fueled Velcro Wallet. There’s a reason why types of wallets are often given to kids as their first wallet. Firstly, they provide great capacity and security of cash and cards unusually having ample card slots, a full-length note sleeve, and a zipper for coins. Secondly, the wallet is really durable, usually being made from hardy nylon material. Finally, the wallet can be easily printed on which gives companies the chance to print creative designs usually targeting kids. Above is a great example of the traditional velcro wallet is below so keep reading!

Canvas Camo Wallet

Camo is cool, right? This bi-fold style wallet is made from sturdy canvas fabric which makes it the perfect wallet for kids who might be more prone to getting messy. It can easily be cleaned and you won’t have to worry about the material weakening or degrading over time. The Canvas Camo has a max capacity of 8 – 12 cards, a full-width note slot, and even a zipper for coin storage. Coming in at a price tag of $6.99 the Canvas Camo wallet is a nice wallet. For more information on this wallet click the link below.

Star Wars Wallet(s)

As a fan of Star Wars myself, this is my personal favorite on this list. The Han Solo Chain Wallet is based on the appearance of the character Han Solo with a rustic look based on his character design. It includes a metal plate on the front displaying a crest logo along with a handy chain. I really like the idea of having a chain on a child’s wallet. Children seem to be much more prone to losing things so a chain would help eliminate this problem. 

Again, the wallet takes the style of a basic b-fold style wallet. Inside is enough room for 8 – 12 cards and a large banknote slot. The wallet also comes with an ID slot. I’m not entirely sure about the use of this with a kid but it could come in handy. The wallet is really well made and is lined with a soft touch durable leather material. 

Coming in at a price tag of only $18.00 it’s another great example of an affordable wallet with a design more steered towards kids. For more information on this wallet click the link below.


Pokemon Wallet

It’s no surprise due to the popularity of Pokemon, the world’s most successful video game, franchise, that people would be looking for Pokemon wallets. After all, with over 600 unique pokemon having your favorite with you on a daily basis is cool is it not (maybe that’s just me)? Pokemon all has a successful anime that first aired in 1998 in the US and countries to this day growing more popular by the year. 

The great thing about Pokemon is the sheer variety of wallets available he huge and you’ll be hard-pressed not to find one you like. Ranging from this subtle Pokemon Ball wallet (from the Pokemon Centre store) through to a more vibrant Pickachu themed wallet the options are endless when it comes to Pokemon wallets and the choice far exceeds other popular anime’s tenfold. 

Below are just a few of our favorite choices from Amazon that I think are absolutely amazing in quality and design and are all officially licensed by Nintendo.

Dynomighty Wallet

If you’re looking for something a little cheaper and slimmer then you could consider the mighty wallet. A paper-thin wallet made from a material called Tyvek. This thin, yet strong material is quickly becoming popular among adults as it retains

Another great thing about this wallet is the range of designs it comes in. Because this material is cheap and easy to print on you have the option between hundreds of different designs and color options many of which are suitable for kids (let them choose). At a price tag of just $16.95, it’s a cheap alternative and is great for everyday carry. For more information on the Dynomighty wallet click the link below. 

Children’s Coin Purse

Something a little different for the final wallet. Kids don’t usually carry (if any) cards or very few notes so it might be worth going down the Coin Purse option instead of a wallet. Made from plastic this circle style coin purse is performed for kids who just have something small to carry their coins in. It’s lightweight and can come in a variety of cool designs. This one, in particular, is marvel themed with Spiderman. The included clip is also great for attaching the purse to your belt.

These coin purses are also very inexpensive coming in at just $6.00 you can’t really go wrong. For more information on this coin purse click the link below.

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