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Amazon’s Top Rated Wallets Reviewed

I decided to have a bit of an experience. I wanted to personally review the best-rated wallets on amazon trying to gauge what the perfect wallet is for the average everyday user. It’s no secret that Amazon is the biggest eCommerce website in the world and thousands of people a year purchase their new wallet through the website.

I generally find the caliber for quality wallets is a lot lower on amazon compared to independent wallet brands so it would be fascinating to see it from the other side. So here’s what I did. I typed in a variety of keywords from ‘men’s wallets’, ‘leather wallets’, – and others like this – to try and figure out if any wallets stood out. I then sorted the search results by ‘top-rated’ and looked for wallets with a constantly high number of individual reviews. The results were quite staggering in the fact a few wallets consistently ranked at the top for not only one but multiple searches which gave me confidence that these seemed to be the consistency choices for Amazon’s best wallets. Let’s review each of them in detail.

Simideo Leather Bifold

At the end of the day, you can’t really beat the good old traditional leather Bi-fold. The Simdeo Wallet is exactly this a pretty standard example of the leather bi-fold that’s been the standard for men’s wallets for over a century. The Simideo provides everything you need in a wallet and is priced accordingly. 

With 8 individual card slots allowing for a capacity of over 10 cards, a lengthy notes slot for 30+ banknotes and a removable ID Window the Simideo provides a functional wallet with a classic design to match. The size of the wallet isn’t small coming in at  4.53″ x 3.74″ x 0.6″ and the wallet can definitely be felt in the pocket. The wallet is also made from genuine leather which as I’ve talked about in the past is one of the lowest grades in terms of quality. This begs the question of how well this wallet will last over time with extensive use. 

Nevertheless, at a price of only $28.00 I can clearly see the appeal of this wallet to people who simply want a wallet and don’t care for any innovative features or crazy designs. The Simideo just works and that’s that. For more information on the Simideo wallet click the link below.

BSWolf Minimalist Wallet

A slimmer wallet on this list the BSWolf wallet is an ultra-thin wallet meant for people who want a streamlined wallet that carries less but keeps this tight and minimalist. I really like the simplistic look to the wallet with 6 slots for cards and an internal slot for banknotes (they do have to be folded). It also comes with an ID Slot on the reverse

Another great feature is its huge variety of colors the BSWolf is available in. I counted over 30 distinct colors with my favorite being the Carbon Fiber textured version. The wallet functions well and at only $6.99 I can’t really fault the wallet for any issues it may have. The built quality is questionable and it’s only made from genuine leather but that’s just nit-picking when the price is so affordable.

I recommend this wallet to people who are perhaps looking to transition into a smaller wallet but want a cheaper alternative before they commit to anything new. For more information on the BSWolf Minimalist Wallet check it out on Amazon with the link below.

Vemingo Minimalist Wallet

This wallet reminds me of a design I first stumbled upon by Andar. This hybrid wallet is a slimmer sized bi-fold which isn’t too small to compromise functionality but small enough to not be too bulky in the pocket. 

With multiple card slots though out, an ID window and a pull tab for easy access the Domingo is my favorite on this list as it provides a very popular design at an affordable price tag. The Vemingo also comes with a metal clip running through the middle on the bi-fold creating an innovative and effective way to store cash in a smaller design. 

The wallet is quite thin and designed for the American market. This means that banknotes that exceed the dimensions of American currency won’t fit in the wallet so that is a shame. Nevertheless, the wallet is a great example of how a popular and effective design doesn’t have to break the bank and really shows how brands sell wallets at a higher price for no reason other than brand perception. For more information on the Vemingo wallet check out the amazon page with the link below.

Fidelo Slim Wallet

A wallet with a difference here. The Fidelo is a card cascading style wallet most popularized by brands such as Esker and Secrid. This metal and leather wallet works simply by pulling a lever on the underneath of the wallet. This automatically cascades your debit/credit cards out in an easy to access manner and one of the best ways I’ve come across to this day of access cards at ease. 

The metal mechanism that controls this feature is encased in leather which also provides additional card slots along with giving the Fidelo a more premium feel. The wallet also comes with an elasticated band that wraps around the wallet. This solves the problem of the Fidelo not having a proper way of storing banknotes which can now be folded and tucked underneath this strap.

The wallet is also a fair price coming in at $34.90. This is cheaper than most wallets of this style but you should consider them if you do like the look of this wallet. For more information on the Fidelo Cascading wallet check it out on Amazon by clicking the link below. 

ARW Carbon Fiber Wallet

The ARW Carbon Fiber wallet is basically an exact copy of the very popular Ridge wallet. With a slim metal design, clip and elastic to keep everything in place there’s no doubt the wallet is a classic design. The question I had to ask myself was ‘how it compared to the original Ridge’ as the ARW wallet is significantly cheaper (by almost 70%). 

On the first inspection between the two, it was clear that the ARW lacked significantly quality compared to the Ridge and the materials used were simply not as good. Nevertheless, the wallet held its own and I had no issues with any sort of quality defects when used on a daily basis. Keep in mind I don’t think the ARW is actually made from Carbon Fiber, it’s just got a Carbon Fiber look and feel. 

The wallet is great in terms of its functionality, is slim and has a distinctively unique look at definitely will appeal to people with a certain aesthetic. The wallet only weighs 2.1OZ and larger capacity storage design for up to 15 cards 5 folded bills of this card case wallet with money clip, it can hold all your cards, clip money at the same time. For more information on the ARW Carbon Fiber wallet check out their Amazon listing with the link below.

Bull Guard Wallet

Another leather bi-fold on this list. What I like about the Bull Guard as it provides a more classy look and is made from better quality materials. The wallet has many of the same features as the BSWolf including high storage capacity for cards, a removable ID Slot and a full-length cash slot for banknotes. 

One difference between the two is the inclusion of quick access slots with the Bull Guard which provides easy access to cards of your choice. The overall design aesthetic is also better with real thought going into how the wallet looks. 

Again, the size is quite large which could be a turn off for most people but the wallet doesn’t feel too bulky in the pocket which is a plus. For more information on the Bull Guard wallet check out them on Amazon with the link below. 


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